Fairy Tale Wet Bag Small

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Fabulous Wet Bags are ideal for diapers, swimsuits, travel laundry and a change of clothes. Handy and convenient for all kinds of occasions!

Size Small 10" x 12"

  • Double-seamed on three sides, these bags are designed and constructed to be durable and leak resistant
  • Use them for anything: wet diapers, bum wipes, swimsuits, cosmetics, travel bag, etc
  • Includes snap-able handle for strollers and a zipper for odour control
  • Made in Montreal, with good quality and fair labour practices
  • Fabrics and components we are all sourced in North America and are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free
  • Minimalist packaging is environmentally friendly, made of chlorine free recycled fibres
  • Wash and dry with your cloth diapers at normal temperatures in washer and dryer
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