HOLLA! Graphic Graphite Pencils

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Get a flash of color and shine in your hand with every stroke you make with the Holla! Graphic Graphite Pencils! These shiny holographic pencils reflect funky vibrant rainbows no matter which way you hold them.

All graphite pencils come with a black, wood barrel that is sure to stand out. This thick barrel can be sharpened using any large-opening pencil sharpener.

 These artist graphite pencils are enough to inspire you with these quotes: good vibes only, unicorn tamer, be-you-tiful, mermaid charmer, love yourself, daydreamer.

These pencils have a triangle barrel for a better grip and to help stop them from rolling away.

 Available in a set of No. 2 graphite pencils which means that the lead is not too dark and not too light. These graphite pencils are ideal for drawing and writing wherever No. 2 pencils are needed.

There are 6 wood-cased graphite pencils in a set so you can stock and save.

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