Playmobil Summer Camper

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Hit the road for an exciting sightseeing vacation aboard the PLAYMOBIL Summer Camper. Remove the roof to access the interior of the camper, outfitted with everything needed while traveling. Whip up some tasty meals in the small kitchen area with sink, stove and storing compartments.

Fit the two adult mattresses over the driver seats in the front of the camper, and the two child mattresses in the rear of the vehicle, creating cozy bunk beds for the night. Avoid rest stop interruptions thanks to the onboard bathroom.

When the weather is nice, eat outside under the camper’s retractable awning.HEquipped with kitchenette, minibath, roost for the whole family and with great storage for the camping furniture.

  • Set includes two adult figures, two child figures, summer camper with kitchen area and bathroom
  • Includes kitchen area, mini bathroom, lodgings, storage, detachable roof and pull-out awning. 

Size: 32x13x15cm (LxWxH).

Suggested Ages: 3-8

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